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Pool Area Perth

Call us on 9562 1546 for your quotation today.

Street Image Decorative Concrete not only form and pour your aggregate, we also hone the aggregate to. This means all work is carried out in house with 100% quality control - Honed aggregate also known as Honed concrete is a very stylish finish for your outdoor entertaining areas. Honing your aggregate will ensure a smooth, comfortable and lower maintenance finish designed to amplify the natural beauty of the stone. Honed aggregate for your outdoor entertainment area is great for those who like a smooth surface underfoot, honed aggregate in the pool area is a luxurious finish, we apply our anti-slip sealer for the perfect finish. Honed aggregate comes in a range of colors to choose from and will compliment any Perth home design. At Street Image Decorative Concrete we can form and pour your custom Honed aggregate tables, honed aggregate benches and honed aggregate bench tops for outdoor kitchens. Call to arrange a quotation for your pool area, alfresco area and pathways today at Street Image Decorative concrete on 9562 1546.

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