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Street Image Decorative Concrete - Poured Limestone Perth also known as Liquid Limestone is a wonderful concrete product which will create a stunning finish to your outdoor entertaining areas. Poured Limestone comes in a range of colours. Poured Limestone has a very natural feel and look to it and is perfect for use in Alfresco area's, driveways, patio's, paths and pool surrounds. A wonderful benefit of using Poured Limestone Perth is that being a natural product it does not heat up in the summertime. This makes Poured Limestone Perth (Liquid Limestone) ideal for use in pool and entertaining area's as you can walk on it bare foot which is especially great for the kids. Poured Limestone can also be used for a Seamless Pool Edge instead of mismatched bull nose capping which gives you a continuous flow of poured limestone right up to the pool edge. Your poured limestone will also be sealed using a limestone sealer. Poured Limestone Perth - call Street Image Decorative Concrete today on 9562 1546!

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