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Our seamless pool edge finishes!

Call us on 9562 1546 for your quotation today.

Street Image Decorative Concrete - Seamless Pool Edge Australia has the best and latest technology pool edge form on the market. The pool form system can be used to form up any shape pool on either fiberglass, concrete or liner pools by our Seamless Pool Edge Australia qualified decorative concrete forming and installing team. Our seamless pool edge gives your pool area a continuous flow to the pool edge using either exposed aggregate, honed aggregate or poured limestone (no more mismatched bull nose capping). You also have the choice of having a stainless steel skimmer box lid with the matching exposed aggregate, honed aggregate or poured limestone product to maintain that seamless, modern look. This pool form system is environmentally friendly as it is re-usable (unlike other contractors who use Styrofoam and timbers which are binned after use). The pool form used for our seamless pool edge also does not require cutting back of concrete to achieve a perfectly straight finish as other pool edge forms on the market do. Seamless Pool Edge Australia and Street Image Decorative Concrete also form up and pour outdoor kitchen benches, steps, custom form bench/seats and tables which can also be honed. Call Seamless Pool Edge Australia Perth on 95621546 today! 

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